Virtual Assistant

Depending on your business’s specific needs, a Victory Virtual Assistant can provide you with a wide range of support. Taking care of routine administrative tasks not only frees up your time and resources but will also help you improve your business’s efficiency and productivity. When you can concentrate on more important things, you increase the chances of increasing the success and growth of your business.

Travel booking & expense reporting

Creating your itinerary and then booking your travel arrangements are a few administrative tasks your Virtual Assistant can help with. They can coordinate with your business partners and clients, so each party involved knows your travel plans and make sure your calendar is updated with any changes. They’ll keep track of your expenses and manage any documents you may need related to your travel, such as hotel confirmations, restaurant reservations, and more.

Event management

Event planning and management have their own level of stress. Your Virtual Assistant can ensure your event runs perfectly by attacking these key areas for you: research and book the proper venue; coordinate with vendors and suppliers; manage the guest and guest speaker list; work with your accounting crew to manage the budget; create the agenda and schedule of things happening during the event; help with marketing and promoting your event; and any follow-up feedback, reporting, or communications after the event.

Research & reports

Having the right research compiled and reported will help you make better-informed decisions for your business. There are a number of ways your Virtual Assistant can help you in this area, such as conducting research and analyzing the most important data retrieved. They can create your reports for you, with a summation of their findings, while they keep track of their sources. Your Virtual Assistant can also identify trends and patterns within the data and then provide a visual representation so the information is easily communicated.

Project coordination

Does your team seem to be bogged down with side tasks, and they can’t even think about starting a new project? Let a Virtual Assistant come alongside and help. A Victory Virtual Assistant can create your project plans, set up and communicate with team members using project management tools, assign and track the progress of tasks, manage documents and files related to the project, and monitor the project metrics to ensure the project is completed on schedule and within your budget.

Light bookkeeping

Having a professional Virtual Assistant on your team to tackle light bookkeeping tasks can remove a lot from your plate. Tasks such as data entry, invoicing and billing, bank/credit card account reconciliation, processing your payroll, compiling financial reports, and cloud-based bookkeeping are a few of the administrative duties that can be outsourced to a qualified individual through Victory Virtual.

Answer customer calls

Even in this digital age, your customers still appreciate being able to speak with a human when they need to contact you. Let your Virtual Assistant help you by answering and directing calls to the appropriate team member, scheduling appointments or follow-ups, providing a list of FAQs and responses, so your calls are handled consistently, being available for after-hours support, and working with your CRM, so customer calls are tracked in one place.

Provide support for customer issues & questions

Responding to customer inquiries can make or break your business. Trust a professionally-trained Victory Virtual Assistant with this task to help ensure your customers’ issues are handled quickly and effectively. Your Virtual Assitant can provide information and help troubleshoot issues, escalate issues as needed, provide follow-up and gather feedback, monitor social media, and provide responses via email and live chat.

How it Works

Step 1.

Meet with our Client Success Manager, who will get to know your administrative needs to ensure you’re paired with the best possible Virtual Assistant.

Step 2.

With a full understanding of your needs, your Client Services Specialist will select 2-3 top candidates from our large database of US-based virtual admin/bookkeeping assistants. We will interview the candidates for you and select your best match within one week.

Step 3.

The official start to your partnership happens on your video kick-off call when you’ll meet with your new Virtual Assistant and Client Services Specialist. This is when you will set your initial goals to improve your efficiency and productivity.

Step 4.

During Onboarding, you will work directly with your Virtual Assistant to orient them on your software programs, customer communication methods, and immediate and long-term needs.

Step 5.

Ongoing check-ins are part of the support you receive throughout your partnership with Victory Virtual. We strive to be proactive to ensure that your virtual admin/bookkeeping assistant is helping to streamline your business operations.

Step 6.

Victory Virtual guarantees you will be 100% satisfied with your Virtual Assistant.


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