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Your Remote Job is Waiting

We’ve always been proud to lead the charge in disrupting the status quo, ‘how things have always been done.’ For too long, it has been widely accepted that there were just two options for work: full-time, in-office employment, or unemployment. The job was binary, and there was no in-between. Working in a traditional office setting works for some, but it doesn’t necessarily work for every entrepreneur, gig contractor, business, or employee.

Remote careers are the future

During COVID-19, thousands of in-office workers decided to change their lives. Once forced to sit at a desk for hours every day, when they had to switch to working remotely and had a taste of what their life could be each day, they opted for a drastic change.

Remote work is not going away, rather it’s becoming the norm. Employees want the flexibility of being able to work during the hours which are most convenient for them, but still exceed their client’s expectations.

This is where Victory Virtual comes in. We hire the best and the brightest the virtual world of assistants has to offer. Apply now to be a part of a growing team of people who take pride in their work and love what they do.

Remote jobs are a better way to work and live.

At Victory Virtual, we pride ourselves in providing our Virtual Assistants with outstanding support and flexibility, so they can have a better way to work and live.
Here are some of the ways working for Victory Virtual is different than anywhere else:


Victory Virtual provides you with the security of knowing that we’ve got your time worked accurately tracked and will handle all the invoicing for your earnings.